My name is Eray Aktokluk I’m 13 yearsoldand I’m an 8th grade student in middle school.

My Abilities:

Computer Space;

I know them ostused languages such as C #, C ++, Python, Java. Using theselanguages I write programs for computer, android, embedded platforms.

InElectronic Space:

I can program embeddedsystems. I draw electronic cards with Microchip processors and print circuit boards myself at home and make them work by doing their soldering

The subjects I am currently working on are;

1.Production of software solutions that can improve the image processing methods in both computer and embedded systems

2. Library writing that enables artificial intelligence algorithmst o be applied to inexpensive processors such as microcontrollers

3. Inexpensive solutions for home remote control systems for Iot technology

4.Influence of lighting on working environments and adaptive lighting system

5.An algorithm that can work faster than the existing shortest path algorithm like Floodfill

6.Advanced intelligent wristband project for visually impaired (I got the patent)

To this day, too;

I made my first robot 10 years old. Until this day, the competitions I participated in were between universities and I never returned without a degree. I have a total of 35 awards in robot competitions and project competitions I have attended for 4 years. I made a patent application in 2014 with a personal warning system (smart bracelet) for the blind people I made and I got the patent in 2016.