True Light

The human eye sees three main color. Today; lighting the lamps used for these 3 color they can't exactly. These shortcomings eye fatigue, eyestrain, eye can see more light, more energy consumption, because of shoddy power lighting etc. States, such as estuaries. My project is determined with the help of sensors and microprocessor with calculations, after elimination of all bugs, complete the missing colors intended to.
A lot of visible light has a wavelength of photons forming. Retina in our eye these photons into 3 main color sensors (cone) and also monochrome colors (rode) sensor determines the body's shape.
For example, when reading a book or article or to distinguish between colors in the brain in shape things.If it does not give all the lamps used for lighting color spectrum then we read everything we see loses clarity.My Project;
1-power supplyparts of sufficient energy to the system
system work environment for studying the color information portion
process information from sensors and based on this information and the drive circuit that controls the LED circuit
4-LEDs and driver circuits
According to information from the processor that controls the LED currents circuit
are made of multiples.
RGB LED for lighting in front of the system partition read sequence and color sensor, control and calculation behind the circuits that have been brought together into a product.
TRUE LIGHT lighting the lamp placed close to everywhere you want as can also be used as a reading lamp. TRUE LIGHT illuminates when operated there, the other lamp provides light output and color ratio is a measure of the rate is also the color of the room. Microprocessor based on color perception of the human eye by using calculations are complete with missing colors RGB LED. In the same sensitivity in the eye does not see any color. Blue, green and red the least common is the perceived color most. In this case the processor is taken into account in addition to the natural color of lighting is provided.
In the trials and the test is true read from the light sensor to increase the formation of less than the ambient color and thus increases at a rate equal to each primary color was observed.
Accordingly, the areas have been identified by the benefits listed below.
Biological field:
1 - Opinion of the inhibition of the formation of eye disorders to clarify that
2 - less contraction of the eye muscles through the reduction of eye fatigue
3 - Easy to increased brain's ability to distinguish colors you select an object easy learning takes place with the result of the increase in
Commercial Benefits:
1 - Lighting that we use to take care of much higher wattage lamps lamps are used. But not the color of a lamp of the increased power must be completed. LIGHT in the measurements made TRUE when executed by reduction of the ambient light is found that energy consumption drops.
2 - Showcase presentation types all colors in the light of the emergence of the object with the TRUE LIGHT has been shown to improve the perception and attractiveness, use of this product in the marketing and advertising industry profit rate increase will be provided.
3 - In addition; The lessons students working at home reading a book at school textbooks will appear more clearly to facilitate learning with table lamps, work lamps are shaped areas.
4 - designed and made larger when the factory (eg fabric factory) and products obtained using the more accurate the results will be provided.
In short, in all areas where lighting is TRUE LIGHT reunited with the true colors of all kinds can increase efficiency.
 TRUE LIGHT is a finished project. The exhibition will be on display in the field.