Artifical Intelligence Smart Wristband And Syn-Eye


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Smart Wristband And Syn-Eye

In 2014, I had a friend who is visually impaired and I saw some difficulties my friend had, so I wanted to use my knowledge to make a device which will help visually impaired people. Before start making, I made researches about devices for visually impaired people and I realized that most of these devices are too expensive, not user-friendly and they don’t really helpful and good features. Also, I talked with visually impaired people about what they expect from these devices and their problems. After collecting information, I started making this device. I have been developing my project since 2014 and every year, I made a new version of it.

Smart Wristband(2014):

It is the first version of this project. Smart Wristband is wristband which has 3 features for visually impaired people. The smart wristband can vibrate and bleep. The first feature is it can give information color of a traffic light with communicating to a box which is on a traffic light. This box is cheap and easy to make. This box sends color of a traffic light to Smart Wristband. The second feature is it can warn when there is fire and it can help visually impaired people to find a way which there isn’t fire. The final feature is it can give information about the status of light. I showed Smart Wristband to visually impaired people they said that is very useful for them. Also, I got patent of fire alarm feature.



Smart Wristband v2(2015):

First Smart Wristband couldn’t talk and it could give information with just vibration and beep. This was not user-friendly. Also, I wanted to add some additional features, so I started making new Smart Wristband from scratch. New Smart wristband can talk, say time, say a date, say the color of a traffic light, say weather and warn for fire(and help to visually impaired people to go safe place). I think the biggest development was speaking because it made Smart Wristband more user-friendly.

Smart Wristband v3(2016-2017):

For this project, one of my goals is making this project like a human assistant for visually impaired people. When I was making Smart Wristband v2, I thought what would happen, If I add artificial intelligence to this project. I decided to do it. I added a camera to make it able to see the world. The first additional feature is it can say objects it sees. For this feature, Smart Wristband needs an internet connection because a computer does deep learning operations and send results to Smart Wristband. The second additional feature is saying the color of an object. I added this feature because when I talked to visually impaired people, they said that they want to learn the color of their clothes. For this feature, it doesn’t need an internet connection. In 2017, I used Google Cloud and improves these features.

Syn-Eye(2018- 2020):

I changed the project radically. I think this version has the biggest improvements. Firstly, it is not wristband. It is like goggles, but it isn’t goggles :) As I said one of my goals for this project is making it like assistant. To be closer to this goal, I added speech recognition to Syn-Eye, so visually impaired people can give commands with to talking and Syn-Eye can answering with talking too. Also, Syn-Eye uses artificial intelligence and works completely offline, so it doesn't need an internet connection. It has all features Smart Wristband v3 has with improvements and additional features. Firstly, to make saying objects features works offline, I made lots of tests with different models and techniques. Also, I didn’t use ready data, I made my own data for this feature. Secondly, Smart Wristband v3 can only say 1 color in its view, but Syn-Eye can say multiple colors in its view. To do that, I developed my algorithm with lots of test and failure. Thirdly, it can weather with using the camera. Smart Wristband v3 was using internet connection for this feature. Fourthly, it can say the value of the bill with using the camera. I added this feature because some visually impaired people said that it is hard to understand the value of bills and sometimes some people swindle them.

 To sum up, I started this journey with simple features and purpose, but with time passes, I developed this project and it became very useful and smart device :) My goal is to continue developing this project.