Fire Fighting

📺Video of the This Project

I made this robot for fire fighting category in robot competitions. Purpose of fire fighting robot is blowing out the candle with the wind. To find candles robot follows walls. My fire fighting robot has four wheels. It has a small propeller to blowing out the candle. I used a PID control algorithm, but I didn’t use integral(I) part. My first fire fighting robots haven’t smooth turns for corners, but for the last robot, I made an addition to control algorithm and it can make smooth turns. Also, I can make some settings about smooth turning like speed, distance… The robot must detect candles to blowing out them. It can’t run its propeller always because, in the rules, it says that it can only run propeller in rooms. I used a UV sensor to detect candles. Also, I put a screen and made menu system to make settings easily.

IZTECH Robolegue  2014
ITURO 2015
ITURO 2016 
My robot 1st place.