My name is Eray Aktokluk. I’m 18 years old. I have curious about science and technology since I was 6 years old. This curious is coming from space vehicles because I have impressed from how space vehicles work for long times and autonomous, so I wanted to make space vehicles. I learned electronics, mechanic, and programming on my own with internet, books and testing tests. I started going to university robot competitions. Mostly university students and teachers come to this competitions and I have more than 50 international prizes from robot competitions. Furthermore, I made lots of projects which are about artificial intelligence and image processing. Also I got more than 10 international prizes with my projects. I have been working on artificial intelligence for 2 years and I focus on deep learning models on mobile devices which have low processing power. For this, I am developing optimization algorithms and external algorithms which help deep learning models. One of my the biggest goals is mastering artificial intelligence, so now I’m working on that